Automation & Control Systems

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Automation & Control Systems

MAFA Co. LTD is leading Authorized System Integrator of SIEMENS. We provide competitive industrial automation solutions, services and equipment for control & monitoring systems to the process industry and utility companies.

ES-processing, France is our Engineering Solution partner.

MAFA Co. executes projects and services jobs in entire Kingdom through our main office located in Jeddah.

MAFA offers solutions in various fields as below:


  • Process Control and Automation Solutions
  • Power Analysis, PFI Study, LV/MV solutions
  • Panel Designing
  • Instrumentation
  • Baggage Handling Systems
  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Installation and Commissioning Support
  • Production & Efficiency Monitoring Solutions
  • Chemical Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Stainless Steel Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for PLC, PCS7, SCADA, DCS, ESD, and Failsafe Systems:


  • Totally Integrated Solutions uses three levels: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Control (process & Field Levels)
  • The scope of work covers all the phases – starting from the feasibility study, engineering, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning up to system hand over.

Our Scope of Work Includes:


  • Feasibility study for upgrading of existing plant automation systems and their extensions.
  • Development of the plant base area, technical specifications, and configuration diagrams.
  • Data collection from process specifications or from existing plants and its verification/validation.
  • Development of fault diagnosis system (FDS), equipment lists, and instrumentation & sensor lists.
  • Hardware engineering: preparation of panel diagrams, wiring diagrams, hook-up diagrams, loop diagrams, interconnection diagrams, cable layout & lists etc.
  • Software engineering: generation of logic from fault diagnosis systems, user program, assignment lists, and HMI mimic diagrams.
  • Documentation: Hardware specifications and layout submittals, installation procedures, testing & commissioning procedures,operation & maintenance manuals, and as-built drawings.

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Instrumentation & Sensors Solutions.

Instrumentation is the base of any efficient and reliable automation system. It’s extremely important to select the right instruments and transmitters from a wide range of types and vendors. An instrument can be a simple process variable measuring device or an intelligent type connected to the field bus. We propose cost effective instrumentation by selecting the right instrument for the right application and budget.

Information Technology Solutions.

Manufacturers are under considerable pressure competing in a market requiring high quality and efficient production with minimized cost.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Management Information Systems (MIS) help in providing effective integration between production processes and enterprise-level business systems, where high level decisions are taken on production. The modules provided cover the production planning, maintenance & spare parts management, and billing & inventory control.

We propose and execute the implementation of the best suitable MES / MIS.

… and more.


Obsolete and old automation systems require revamping and upgrade.

Revamping and upgrading may be of several forms:


  • Old to Latest Automation Systems, i.e. from SIEMENS S5 to S7 migrations.
  • Centralized control system.
  • Manual and semi-automated systems to complete automation systems.
  • Integration with Management Information Systems (MIS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)


We have a technically strong team dedicated to the maintenance and troubleshooting of automation systems. The team is based in Jeddah to take care of emergency calls on a very short notice. We have a minimum response time and our engineers are available round the clock, seven days a week. Our engineers are well capable to maintain and service PLC and DCS systems from Siemens. We also perform yearly maintenance contracts and spare parts management. Our maintenance engineers have helped our industrial clients to reduce dependency on foreign experts.

Our maintenance services are not limited to preventive maintenance visits or emergency troubleshooting calls. We also keep track of the performance of the systems and record its operational data. Furthermore, we manage spare parts inventory so that the customer should keep only an optimum number for replacement and emergency.

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