Sorting & Baggage Claim

MAFA Co. is a reputed and well known supplier and manufacturer when it comes to Airport Baggage Handling Solutions. MAFA has done various projects at approximately all the Airports in the Kingdom of Saudia, At newly built NEOM Bay Airport, MAFA supplied complete Baggage Handling Systems in Departures and Arrivals, Photo of Carousel is from MAFA’s one of recent projects.

Baggage Reclaim Carousel is a belt conveyor that is used to convey passenger baggage inside airport operational areas.

  • The conveyor is a closed-loop system with a moving surface comprised of metal plates that are coated with wear-resistant polyurethane. Alternatively, metal plates can be replaced by overlapping flexible plates.
  • Conveyor frames are made of stainless steel. Combined framing is also available upon request.
  • The central part of the conveyer can be covered with a stainless steel platform.
  • T-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped and oval conveyors are available.
  • The conveyor control system ensures:
    • smooth start-up,
    • automatic activation of a standby mode, should the system detect there is no baggage on the moving surface,
    • and operates shutters in wall openings.
  • The conveyor is equipped with safety stops, as well as warning lights and alarm that get activated before the conveyer starts up.

In order to restrict access to baggage handling areas, electromechanical shutters are installed in wall openings. These shutters open automatically when the conveyor is activated and close, when the system switches off or goes into a standby mode.