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Material handling services encompass a broad range of activities and processes involved mainly in the movement of materials on a certain area like manufacturing site or logistics facility. These services are crucial for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring the safe and timely handling of goods. 

Material Handling Key aspects:


Efficient transportation is essential for moving materials and products between different locations. This may include using various types of vehicles, such as trucks, forklifts, conveyors, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Material Flow:

Optimizing the flow of materials and products within a facility is crucial for reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall efficiency. This might involve the use of conveyors, chutes, and automated systems.


Material handling services can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses. For example, the requirements for handling perishable goods will differ from those for handling durable goods.

Consulting and Design:

MAFA offer consulting and design services to help other organizations optimize their material handling processes. This includes designing efficient layouts and workflows.

MAFA offers Material Handling solutions as follows:

Belt Conveyor

Free Roller

Motorized Roller

Curve Conveyor

Plastic Chain

Modular Plastic

SS Mesh Wire


Straight, Curve, Inclined, Declined, Z-Type

Material handling services are vital in supply chains, manufacturing, and distribution operations. Efficient and well-managed material handling can result in cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Innovative Modular Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

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