Power Factor Improvement Panels

Today, Modern power networks need to cater to a wide variety of electrical & power electronics loads and this creates a varying power demand on the power supply system. With varying loads, it becomes difficult to maintain a consistent power factor. To avoid over-voltages, a saturation of transformers, mal-operation of diesel generating sets and penalties by the power supply authorities, we at MAFA  provide certain solutions by using fixed compensation (fixed capacitors) to suit the variations of the load. At MAFA, we have achieved this by using Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) system which can ensure consistently high power factor without any manual intervention. In addition to this, the occurrence of a leading power factor can also be prevented. These are fully automatic panels with feature like:

  • Consistently high-power factor under fluctuating load conditions.
  • Elimination of low power factor penalty levied by electrical supply authorities.
  • Reduced kVA demand charges.
  • Lower energy consumption in the installation by reducing losses.

MAFA is official partner of LIFASA Spain, uses their capacitors and reactors in Power Factor Improvement Panels.