• System Integrators of SIEMENS
  • Partners of TRAMAK GmbH Germany.
  • Partners of NORD GmbH motors, Germany.
  • Partners of BELTCON GmbH, Germany.
  • Partners of LIFASA Capacitors Spain.
  • Partners of INTEROLL.
  • Distributors of GE Lighting
  • Recognized System Integrators of Rockwell Automation
  • Partners of USM, Switzerland
  • Partners of NERAK GmbH.
  • Partners of ES Processing, France
  • Partners of Cyclone Technology, USA


NORD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology – for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes geared motors, motors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters, motor starters and frequency inverters for decentralised drive control.

ES Processing

ES Processing is an industrial automation engineering company specialized in Process Control, Discrete Automation, Industrial IT, Electrical solutions and Instrumentation. The company has a professional experience of 30 years in fields such as:

  • Advanced Process Control for Heavy Industries especially cement plants and mining
  • MIS / MES, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Systems.
  • Process Control for Energy & Utilities
  • SCADA for environmental utilities such as water treatment
  • Handling Automation
  • SCADA for Transport such as Tram/Metro